Sunday, June 17, 2007

Keeping warm

Maps - You Don't Know Her Name

While I find the idea of 'guilty pleasures' in music a weird and conflicting concept I can't help but feel somewhat self-conscious listening to stuff like Montt Mardie. I'm back on the new music wagon now with my laptop back and as much Swedish twee as I can eat. I'm hearing 'Metropolis' from the his new double album Clocks/Pretender and it's all techno-ish dance beats and wispy vocals, over-sentimentalising stuff like any good twee fellow would. I love it. It keeps me warm but it sounds like Winter.

So does this new album from Maps called We Can Create. This does not make me feel as wussy or conscious of the fact this may sound to some people like the sort of thing that some other people might describe as 'gay shit bro', it's got the dance beats too but it's got the tough shoegaze edge, well perhaps not tough but it's nice and lush and sonically more fleshed out, there's more to grab onto than Mardie's limp wrist. 'You Don't Know Her Name' has the similar sissy sentiment as Mardie. Maps' previous EP really caught my ear and this full-length was the first thing I wanted to get onto my hard drive and it's every bit as good as I had hoped and maybe even better. Do you like it? Do you like The Postal Service?

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