Monday, July 09, 2007

Coral Gables

Thurston Moore – The Shape Is In A Trance

Hey, Thurston Moore! Where you been? You got some violins now huh. What happened! You used to like to fuck shit up! Remember Psychic Hearts? I was 16 and it changed my world; the title track, it was all nice and relaxed and slacking along and then it went into bouts of distortion, writhing around in fits of some fun sort of angst. It was unbridled, I was impressionable. But I still like it now. It gives me the shivers. And I still like yr new stuff because Murray Street is my favourite Sonic Youth album. Trees Outside The Academy is Murray Street with bare feet, an acoustic guitar. But it's not so relaxed; yr no hippy, though; yr a bit concerned about things, and so you should be, I mean look at the state of the world. You make me want to go outside, down the stairs, walk in the garden. Yr new record, how does it sound so windy?

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