Thursday, July 05, 2007


Animal Collective - Peacebone

It’s true, but I expect you’ll do the same. The new Animal Collective? OH SHIT, SON! To be honest, I haven’t actually listened to the whole album yet (it's called Strawberry Jam, but they’re my favourite thing in the whole wide world so I’ll take the gamble and tell you that this is maybe the best album of the year sparing maybe Person Pitch (also: you know you’ve got things good when yr girlfriend wakes up for work at 6:30am and starts singing words from ‘Good Girl/Carrots’). But anyway, best album ever. Did I just lose any remaining credibility? Oops. BONE FISH. This track will make you jump on a trampoline. Their jam has fermented.

Alright, now I’ve listened to it all the way through. Once on headphones, once on a stereo while preparing dinner. I’m not sure if it’s just . ‘Fireworks’ is my favourite track, it’s reminiscent of a lot of the stuff on Person Pitch; speedily repeated percussion gives is hypnotic but gives way at the chorus and the melodies kick in even fuller. There are more electronics on Strawberry Jam in the sense that there are lots of glitchy little bleep and boops amidst the usual organic flurrys of guitars and yells; oh, there is so much yelling! It's positively riotous. 'Peacebone', though, well; it's maybe a bit disorientating at first (all those spacey electronics) but then it's straight into the tribal jumping up and down fun that Animal Collective are all about. I think maybe this is my fav. album of theirs so far, but maybe I'm just a fanboy craving new material.

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Anonymous said...

yo richard! is it really you? how are the greener pastures? hopefully free of cow pats...

its jason by the way... do you really have the whole strawberry jam album??!!!!

if so, you are my favourite person in world... let me know if theres any way to get my grubby little mits on it... jase