Sunday, July 22, 2007

Samurai math beats

Clutchy Hopkins meets MF Doom - Air

There hasn't been a whole lot of hip hop posted up here on Rose Quartz and I noticed it's been a little lacking for my life. I've been interested in Australian hip-hop and the things associated with making it in a place like this. But really I'm into MF Doom and Madlib and Oh No and Edan, they're my favs, and I've just happily downloaded a new collaboration of the first from this list, the one who wears the cool metal mask and raps about food and cartoons and cartoons about food. It's a Clutchy Hopkins, a 'bootleg' whatever that means, they've hooked up in a way that I think equates to more than just doom rapping over top of Hopkin's beats. It's interesting though, it's got the usual deadpan, super-chilled stoned flow on the music but it's not afraid to put in some nice piano melodies. This stuck out to me, they're gentle. It's my sort of rap.

Speaking of local hip hop, I saw some at Ric's bar in Brisbane the other day. It was the good sort. It did not remind me of the time I saw the ridiculous Overproof at Spectrum in Sydney and this is a good thing. It was Suckafish P. Jones and a guy called Potato Masta. The former had the same sunglasses as me (he wore them on stage even though it was dark). The latter had Super Mario World samples and this made me happy because now I have my very own Super Nintendo Entertainment System. When I saw Edan at the Big Day Out he wore a Robocop t-shirt and I was enamoured by this. There' is a Super Nintendo game of Robocop 3 coming in the mail to me any day now and i can hardly wait.

Also, does 'hip hop' have a hyphen in there? MS Word tells me and yes, it does, but I'm nto so sure. I like it without one, I think.

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matt said...

I think it's on the border of having a hyphen. I give it one these days, though I used not to.

Your new locals Resin Dogs are a great place to start. In full flight, with many piece band on a big stage, those guys take hip-hop somewhere that's a whole lot like big-time '60s soul bands.

I'm loving the new Urthboy too, but then I would.