Friday, July 27, 2007

Sleeping on the balcony after class

Vampire Weekend - Campus

Downloading music on whims is full of surprises, especially when the album doesn't have a record label and you've never heard of them before. Judging bands by their names is a fair enough way to find out about stuff, follow yr nose, you'll usually be ontom something. Same goes with books, I'm pretty good at judging them by their covers and with records; it's definitely a good idea to buy a record on a whim just going by the cover but the knowledge of the band being on a good label usually helps.

Vampire Weekend is cool new band that I know nothing about because I downloaded it because of their name. They're a weird one because the name evokes nothing of what they sound like, or maybe it does, they're the fun sort of Dracula, not like from Sesame Street but I'm sure some movie exists with a happy-go-lucky vampireThey're also weird because it reminds me of:

- The Walkmen
- The opening scene in some 90s film (that exists but I can't recall) when it's all fun times and setting the scene, a montage of sneakers getting out of car doors and it's sunny and good things are about to happen
- Pants Yell!
- University
- Endless summers, not having to work

I keep wanting to call them Vampire Nightssssssssss with a big long S but that is not correct

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