Thursday, August 09, 2007

Blow out yr cherry bomb

I am excited, barely able to contain myself. I'll be by my mailbox if anyone needs me, because I just ordered:

1x Panda Bear Tshirt
1x Panda Bear - 'Take Pills' 7"
1x Panda Bear - Person Pitch double LP

And I'm listening to The Clientele's Suburban Light. I want to post up songs from this and the new Panda Bear bside from the 'Take Pills' single but I think if you look back throug hthe archives of this blog there'll be more than enough entries about both bands, maybe it's not such a bad thing, after all, I feel happy when I do actually get obsessed with just one or two bands rather than just as much music as possible in general, I haven't listened to music with such hunger since The Smashing Pumpkins when I was 14 or when I found out about The Pixies. Did you know that 'Take Pills' is not about taking Ecstasy but in fact about anti-depressant drugs? This may or may not be true but at least that's what my new friend told me on the weekend.

If you go to Gorilla Vs. Bear you can check out a new remix of Panda Bear's 'Comfy in Nautica'. It's by a Spank Rock DJ apparently! Also, you can watch the video for 'Master of None' by Beach House (one highly obsessed over band from last year and still this year, I'm going away to a large country house an hour out of Tamworth on Sunday and this is where I discovered the best place to hear Beach House is in the very hot country sun sprawlled on grass, and that the best place to listen to The Clientele's Strange Geometry is playing tennis with old Adidas tennis rackets with towel handles and wooden bodies and broken strings on a court with vague chalk markings for lines, I need a boombox so I can play tennis with a white Nike sweatband or so I can listen to Run DMC while playing indoor soccer with mint green shorts and a red tshirt and white Nike socks and a Nike sweatband).

The new Ian Curtis biopic Control is really amazingly good in lush (or bleak, or lushly bleak) black and white, the cinematopgraphy was meticulousy enough to distract me from the somewhat heavy life and dramas of Curtis and life in Manchester. Biopics are a really good idea if they are done this well; informative, illuminating. It must've been hard to try adn be objective being based on a book written by Curtis' wife Deboroah who seems ot have had it a little rough with him having affairs and being a tortured artist and what not, he seems like a bit of a jerk in palces but mainly just a guy with a lot of very real weight on his shoulders, it seems he's no matyr but an extremely young person struggling with suddenly shooting to fame. Dead at 23, blimey.


richard mk said...

richard i'll let you know i was also obsessed with the smashing pumpkins when i was 14. new album sucks btw.

richard said...

yeah, i hadn't really planned on listening to the new SP. but i had GISH on the other day for nostalgia kixxxx