Monday, August 27, 2007

The Paris of the Middle East

Beirut - A Sunday Smile

OH! No fair. On Gmail chat, my pal Shea tell's me that he's downloaded the new Beirut album and is half way through listening to it:

Guitar Media: richard have you got new beirut? i am three tracks in and it ROCKZ
Sent at 3:01 PM on Monday

I'm at work right now, hours away from my computer (with the required bittorrent client). I'm dying to hear it. I wonder what it's like? A departure from Gulag Orkestar? Still amazing? Does he still jam with the dude from A Hawk and a Hacksaw? The last we heard from young troubador Zach Condon was a couple of tracks for free download from the band's website. They weren't overly great, even to this fanboy's ears, moving from the Balkan brass of previous work in favour of dinky keyboard electronics. So, the new one, The Flying Club Cup:

Guitar Media: umm it's really really nice
not as eastern sounding? i dont think
but really beautiful melodies, still sounds unique etc
Sent at 3:17 PM on Monday

Right on, Shea. I'm totally going to listen in to yr radio show, Guitar Media, to hear you drawl on about this and other profound shit!

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