Saturday, September 15, 2007

The green king sings

Beirut - In The Mausoleum

One of my favourite things is when on SBS late at night you discover a film with those yellow subtitles that is for some reason enthralling and makes you stay up til way later than you had meant to. You never know the name of the films, sometimes you might hazard a guess after it's over and maybe get it right or maybe be wrong. They're especially good if you watch them in yr bed on and old TV covered in that terrific brown veneer wood stuff. Thursday night was a French one set during WWII in the most incredible of places, the countryside, wind blowing in huge huge oak trees, some red, some green, long grass, no fences, abandoned mansions; a very evocative place, an enourmous sense of tension or fear. Maybe the story's a little hackneyed but the place is lost and special enough to fix at least my interest for a couple of hours. Then, off to sleep, dreams altered by the escapism of the past couple of sleepy hours. This Beirut song, the second from the forthcoming The Flying Club Cup to be posted here, sounds pretty much exactly like this. It takes me back in an uncanny way, not that I've been there. Manufactured nostalgia! Reminds me of my time in Prague

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