Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mildew on rice

Prefuse 73 - Girlfriend Boyfriend

Guillermo Scott Herron has four different personalities (last time I checked; there may be more) and I wonder how with each one he can sound so unique. Prefuse 73, Savath Y Savalas, Piano Overlord and Delarosa and Asora. How does he keep this musical personas seperate? Is he actually able to, do they blur? it seems like the organics of Savath Y Savalas are blurring into the more computerized Prefuse 73 on the new record Preperations and I really like it.

Is Prefuse 73 hip-hop? What is instrumental hip-hop? Just hip-hop without words? 'Glitch-hop'? Is that how it works? Because his sounds contain a whole lot more. I can't help but feel he's breaking boundaries, especially listening to earlier stuff like One Word Extinguisher. If he were an artist, he'd be some Joseph Cornell or some Surrealist collage artist. Each of his works are a collage, filled with different instruments and sounds and samples. Whatever genre it is, it's one of the best thing around, and one of the more forward thinking. He's prolific and he takes a lot of risks with each project. It pays off; when he hits, it's really worth while, and even on the misses there is plenty to find interest in. Such cut up music begs the question of how exactly it's made; where does he get all these sounds, how does he go about pasting them all together? It's also got the old notion of electronic music exhibiting a very real and human heart. All this with a sense of humour, too.

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