Monday, September 03, 2007

The sweat descends

Les Savy Fav - Patty Lee

Apparently Les Savy Fav had broken up? Or at least gone on an extended vacation. But no, now they're back with a new record. It's called Let's Stay Friends. It's not this (I don't think) that Andrew Ramage writes about here, (rather, their previous music) there's a certain sadness to Les Savy Fav. I hadn't noticed it before, or at least hadn't thought about it. There's this time of night, the drunken epihany. Do you know it? Or is it just me. It's like, yr partying and yr drinking with little concern for the next day or much else and it's late at night, yr in some dive bar, sure yr with yr friends but there's something missing, it's yr little niggle as participator in 21st century hedonism/nihilism/existence. LOL. Tim Harrington commands this said party, he's wearing nothing but Y-fronts and he's got some weird fake sunburn shit rubbed all over his body, he's got a big beard and he's angry but cheeky. He's sardonic but still keen to kick out the jams and have FUN first and foremost.

Wikipedia sez:

Les Savy Fav (pronounced lay-SAH-vee-FAHV) is a New York City band that produces idiosyncratic indie rock. Their style is heavily influenced by art punk and post-punk.

This is true. They've got a healthy cynicism. 'Kiss Kiss Is Getting Old'. But after reading the post on Pop In Print, I realized the prominence of this weird desperation in their music. Is that always there in post-punk? Stuff like Wire certainly has the tense sort of songs that feel like they're about to break. Tension, that must be it. There's not as much on the forthcoming Let's Stay Friends as on the stuff on Inches and previous. It's not that they've toned it down but maybe branched out a little bit. It still nearly always works to huge effect and I can't wait to see them again sometime. I watched them on a boat once in the middle of Sydney harbour. Not bad. Last year's Laneway festival in Sydney saw Tim Harrington climbing up and extremely high wall and lower himself down with a microphone cable. I was scared for him. It's like their music. Reckless abandon and all that. Mind you, this track, 'Patty Lee' is the most similar to earlier stuff. It's really very good.

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