Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Black Dice - Scavenger

Think of this as dance music. In some parallell universe, we'll all listen to this sort of noisy, repetitively percussive/rythmic sort of stuff in clubs, loud, with bass at stomach upsetting depth. Where Panda Bear's dance music is more song and melody orientated Black Dice strip it back and all you can do is nod yr head or try move about in some way that doesn't seem like yr body is meant to. On their forthcoming Load Blown, this is apparent more than ever. It's about beats; along the same lines of Gang Gang Dance or Animal Collective or Growing. These artists have a much more fleshed out sound than Black Dice but on this new Load Blown record it's denser than usual, even if each of it's parts are a simple, repetitive pattern of clicks and glitches and warbles. It's their party record, as if they all weren't.

There's a particularly good remix of an earlier Black Dice track on a DFA Records compilation from last year. Tim Murphy and co stretch the track out to nine minutes something and further the beats. It's repetitive, barely changing over those nine minutes, but like the other skewed beat perveyors mentioned above, it's got this weird tribal/innate sense of rhythm. There's probably some fair criticism about the nature of these sounds. There isn't much deviation from track to track. A friend of mine decided Black Dice was just 'glitchy shit' after they got their latest single 'and it was just 7 minutes of minimal beats with cilcks and stuff'. They couldn't see the enjoyment and I guess it's not for everyone. To me, it seems weird because it's such an innate sort of enjoyment, despite some of the textures sounding so alien, it seems to make sense in some weird way.

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