Monday, October 29, 2007

Laneway Festival 2008

Australia's best festival, Laneway, has just announced it's 2008 lineup. And as previously speculated here on RQ, the bands in the first announcement are fully sick!

Clap Yr Hands Say Yeah
The Presets
Broken Social Scene Presents Kevin Drew
Okkervil River
Dan Deacon
Via Tania
The Panics
The Devastations
The Brunettes
Little Red
The Holidays

I'm particularly excited about Dan Deacon, Kevin Drew, Fiest, The Brunettes, CYHSY, and I'm keen to hear what Via Tania is like. Laneway is the best laid out (in Sydney, at least) festival with the lowest bogan factor. And a few days later is Golden Plains (near Melbourne at the Meredith supernatural amphitheater). The lineup for this looks like it's going to be terrific too, with very strong rumours of Beirut, Iron & Wine and Ween circulating the intarwebs.

I'm going to post some new music soon, promise. But did watching the ARIAs on Sunday night scare the fucking bejeeeesusss out of anyone else? I thought mistakenly catching 'The Singing Bee' earlier in the evening was enough to hurt my brain and ears but wowzers, how confusing it al was. But word, Sarah Blasko:

'No, I'm not competitive.'
'Isn't that what this is all meant to be about?'
(Firmly) ''NO. I have no idea what this is all meant to be about.'


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Ren. said...

fully agree, although i think okkervil will be great too.

yay! for laneway