Monday, October 29, 2007

Hippies, not hipsters

Akron/Family - Lake Song - New Ceremonial Music For Moms

Akron/Family's mythology is quite clever but accidental, I mean, just because they like getting together at a log cabin somewhere in the American woods and singing some songs (campfire optional) about love and shit . Okay, so there's actually way more to their music and lyrics than that but their new album Love Is Simple certainly carries a clear sentiment; love is an important thing! It's true, and like Kevin Drew I'm glad they're singing and banging drums about it. It's simple really. Don't be afraid, it's only love. I talked some trash about electronics and organics and buying camoflage gear and Pennsylvania and blah blah blah with Seth Olinksi, one quarter of Akron/Family:

"People have asked us before why we don’t write political songs, and simply put, none of us are terribly interested in politics. But above that its like, I know Neil Young came out and said he was frustrated that younger artists weren’t making political statements but to me, having music that has a positive or optimistic outlook, not just about politics but about life and about humanity. Instead of going and telling people that things are bad and they should do this or do that but trying to resonate with the human quality that’s in all of us is a more bolder political statement. To even simply try and love someone is a much bolder political statement than some anti-Bush sentiment or some anti-corporate sentiment. Trying less to tell people what to do and more to inspire people to smile or give their friends a hug or drop their guard from day to day, just for a moment, can be a much more transformative experience. Politics has been going on for thousands of years and shit has always been messed up, whether it’s the king treating the people poorly or whatever, politics are always going to be a problem. Even when you look at literature, like all the Science Fiction literature that talks about the future where everyone is sedate and everything is perfect, that’s not a good situation either. There’s not one easy, simply solution to politics. I remember reading Kurt Vonnegot saying that he thought blues music or even just music in general was one of the few things that humanity had offered the world, one of the few good things to be had. There’s something about blues music that’s not about everyone feeling bummed out together, but you listen to Muddy Waters or B.B. King or Howlin’ Wolf, they’re singing about the blues but its more recognizing that everyone suffers but finding love and celebration and joy in that natural human condition."

[Love Is Simple is out now on Spunk Records]

[Akron/Family Myspace]

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