Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On my way out...

Right, I'm off to Japan for three weeks, so things will be quieter around here than usual. On my way out, here's a bunch of the latest good stuff in my headphones:

Pants Yell! - Tried To Be Good

These guys make some of the plainest most defeated sounding INDIE ROCK out there but are somehow one of the best band's in the universe. From their new (AMAZING) album Alison Statton out soon on Popfrenzy.

Burial - Ghost Hardware

I'm not sure who wrote that Burial sounds like Bladerunner set in South London was so right. From a new-ish EP of theirs called Ghost Hardware.

San Francisco Water Cooler - Rocker's Escape

Ariel Pink's nicer older brother who doesn't straight out ignore Ariel's weird ways but doesn't exactly go on about them to his pals. From the fourthcoming KDVS LP.


1 comment:

richard mk said...

dude your going to japan? radical. any reason? also i should probably let you know that sometimes i steal music off here for g-media.