Thursday, October 25, 2007

No more Mess+Noise on paper

And what wonderfully put together paper it was, too. So, no more printed paper issues in all their glossy glory. I'm bummed. I liked picking it up in a shop or getting it (addressed to *me*!) in the mail in that nice yellow envelope. But I guess the Internets is the way of the future. Or is it? Who knows anymore. It's not as blogs aren't disposable, but there are a whole bunch of amazing music sites out there. It's obvious that they work much better than those paper things magazines but I always think about the impermanence of the words compared with physical paper, even though it's probably much more permanent here in digital land. But Mess+Noise, well, it's the only thing I ever pick up (apart from the terrific Cyclic Defrost) and I'll miss it. Apparently there' be a major boost in online content, and apparently it might be something of a premature announcement, so who knows, there may be more printed words to come. Is there room for a free, decently sized music magazine with substantial content in Australia? There are all sorts of shitty fashiony streetpresses starting left right and centre but why isn't there something to fill a gap in this market? It inspires me to get off my asssss and make something but I'm full of empty promises and pipe dreams. Hmm. But I do wonder if this means the forums will have some worthwhile stuff?


Em said...

+ no more Stylus :-(

Stylus Magazine, RIP

"Yes, it’s true. Stylus will no longer be publishing after October 31. Stay tuned next week for some special programming." [Stylus]

richard said...

whut! shit. stylus is great...damn.