Sunday, December 09, 2007

Glitter pills

John Maus - Heaven Is Real

Strange how an afternoon can change so much, all I did was open up a beer and put on John Maus’ Love Is Real for the first time and it feels like some revelation, or at least a query, how the fuck did I miss this record this year? I should’ve known when my buddy Shea said it might be on his Top Ten for this year (nerd). I feel like both he and I like this because it's oh such an interesting sound and very weird but with beats, too, coming off strange and spacey enough with the dark but humurous tones that make most art so great. Maus' distant voice singing about homosexuals and love letters and worlds coming apart sounds so far off it could be Ian Curtis in another dimension (it’s certainly got a milky way of synths strewn across it), like Ariel Pink’s AM radio tuner’s picking up some intergalactic shit, soundtracking our prom nights and night drives with beers and marijuana cigarettes, kitsch but sincere and in touch somehow with our conditions, “Times is weird my friend, times is weird”, and yes indeed they are so hit the guitar solo and wail away for one last time.

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