Monday, December 10, 2007

Obscure Latin American psychedelic surf rock music

La Tia Leonor Y Sus Sobrinos - Marcha A La Turca

The Bates - El Stomp & María Es El Nombre

There’s not much that sounds more cool or badass than psychedelic surf music ordinarilly, so when it’s played by way obscure latin American bands from the 60s that appropriate a Mozart (or something) piano line which sounds totally naff and throw the sleaziest psych bassline underneath some skuzzy drums and sloppy high hats it's the stuff mood is made of; 'Marcha A La Turca', a cocktail party on yr sunny terracotta rooftop. I'm not sure who the heck The Bates or how they fit into the rest of this strange compilation which is otherwise mostly made up of weird wailing 'ballads' and tropical Christmas carols surrounded in vinyl cracklings and warbles and also some more generically 'world' music sounding stuff. It's surprising Soul Jazz didn't put this out.

[Tracks taken from Various Artists - Latinamericarpet: Exploring the Vinyl Warp of Latin American Psychedelia Vol 1 out on Sublime Frequencies]

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