Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lesser matters

The Honeydrips - Fall From A Height

I went to a party in Christchurch with my brother and girlfriend the other day, it was full of people I vaguley knew or did not know suburb called Redcliffs, to be precise, near the beach. Later at night we drove to the beach and we all did that terrific teen movie thing where later in the night you chuck all yr clothes in the sand (well, undies left on - we're much tamer in New Zealand) and run into the water and the summer never ends even if it's not even that warm by Australian standards and when you run out into the water yr actually running for about a kilometre because the tides out and the sand is murky and muddy, yr glad you can't see anything but it's still as romantic and fun an adventure as a nearly-nude night romp at the beach should be. It was a cold car trip back home though, my Y-fronts and jeans all filled with sand (too sandy to put back on) so when my brother put Pet Grief by The Radio Dept. on the car speakers it was pretty perfect, pretty comforting. But I kind of wish we were listening to Here Comes The Future or at least just this track on repeat, sounds healing in that strange Swedish sort of way (I'm not sure if they actually are from Sweden but it seems likely), pretty cheesy with the dancey drum beat and the twinkles and keyboard shimmers, just the way I like it really, safe and sound.

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