Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blue flower/blue flame

Destroyer - Dark Leaves From A Thread

BOY am I glad I logged onto my favourite bit torrent site last night (after I got home glad for having seen Juno (SO AMAZING) and The National (AMAZING) in one night) because the new Destroyer album Trouble in Dreams has leaked and I notice now it has been deleted from the site as it is on an 'unsafe' record label (due out on Rough Trade in March). I've only heard it once through but I would venture to say that it's not as quite as good as 2006's Rubies but I'd say thats because it would be impossible to top that, still, it seems as he is brilliant ever and will still have hopeless fanboys such as moi fawning over it for months. It's probably a bit more immediate, or, at least, it has shorter songs, until the middle of the album which is held up by six and eight minute tracks of typical Destroyer immenseness (one of which you can download up the top, 'My Favourite Year'), sprawling and brilliant and leery and whimsical, at once strange enough to always sound interesting and solid and guitary enough to keep you always coming back, oh it's perfect stuff, blah blah blah

[Destroyer MySpace]

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