Sunday, January 20, 2008

Some nights are sleepless

The new Evangelicals album, The Evening Descends, just came to me in the mail. It's got a spooky-looking cover, all wide-eyed and bloody, a magical sort of zombie, it's face all googly eyed but not too shocked, maybe just amazed; he's surrounded by the milky way on this cover and I was just thinking that he really looks like Evangeicals music with all these stars around; spacious and spooky. At least that's what this new record sounds like; their first, a much more schizophrenic romp, maybe not as much. I loved their previous with it's glass ceilings and kaleidoscopes but this is so much more; a more realised adventure into the stratosphere. 'Party Crashin' gathers momentum with their signature cacaphony that fades to make way for massive synths and hazy vocals and their harmonies, it's all skyward from there, up up up. It's an undeniably nocturnal album, as the title suggests, and a weirdly organic one too. There are some weird, weird sounds on here, the wacked-out organic textures drip off these songs effortlessly.

[Evangelicals MySpace]

P.S. this week Rose Quartz will feature a big Big Day Out (Gold Coast) review and also some words and pictures about the Spunk Records 10th Birthday party tonight in Bangalow featuring Spoon, Andrew Bird, Jens Lekman, Jack Ladder, Holly Throsby and possibly Arcade Fire and Joanna Newsom. OH CRAP!

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