Thursday, January 24, 2008

Us in navy blue hoodies and khakis

Why? can be a bit much, and I know why, it's because he talks about stuff like masturbating so hard his penis is all bleeding and getting scammed by gypsys in Rome and white boys that only look at black and Puerto Rican porno and ex-girlfriends (!) but hey it's not just for shock value, well, maybe a little, it just doesn't seem like many others raps about stuff that you'd really rather not here about. It's awkward, the hole sound, but with Elephant Eyelash he backed it all up with a more comfortable indie sort of set up with guitars and pianos and stuff. His new record Alopecia pushes on to more hip-hop sort of territory and it works, especially because it's probably his most 'confessional yet', ridiculously honest and sincere (LOL! oh , but I actually mean it. It's true that those words get chucked around a lot in 'music journalism' but Why? truly means it, it's obvious). He admits a lot in his songs, probably way too much, all angsty and nasal, coughing up mundane secrets and unfortunate truths . I don't think anyone keeps it as real as Why? but it's easy to see why his flow and voice might be too much for some.

[Why? MySpace]

In my exciting life, I've made the executive decision to move my lap top into the lounge, where the TV is tuned to the India/Australia test match. Cricket + freelance writing go together really well and this also means I don't need to take 'lunch breaks' in which I go and watch Oprah.

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andrew g said...

haha why? is a bit much... the weak point of clouddead i've always thought.

the boards of canada remix is nice though... i don't mind his vocals so much in that context.