Sunday, February 24, 2008


This guy from Born Ruffians has a strange way of singing because sometimes he sounds like Avey Tare but elsewhere it's more like the dude from Kings of Leon. Possibly not the best recipe to build hype for yr debut Warp Records album but when you sound as jaunty as Born Ruffians, their punchy, minimal sort of rock held taught with happy-go-lucky guitar jangles and jivin' basslines and stuttering drums, it doesn't matter too much. Theirs' is a terrific (and fun) sort of tension between sloppiness and tightness, refined enough to come off punchy but lackadaisical, pop songs feeling like they could fall apart at any moment, meaning Red, Yellow, Blue is srsly addictive and perfect for house parties and after parties and daytime boutique clothing sales in unairconditioned music venues in 40+ degree heat (see: my Saturday) or, well, any time, really; I can't stop listening to it.

[Born Ruffians MySpace]

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