Monday, February 25, 2008

Total sexy church

This is a song from the new Panther album, 14kt. God. It's pretty 'off the chain' but in a more mathematical way than the stuff on Secret Lawns, his previous, which was all glammed up and disco in a ramshackle way. It actually pretty much sounds like a different guy all together; I was thinking, maybe I got the wrong Panther? But no, this is him, and the album's pretty cool; exploring the darker and more guitar based sides of the dance floor and maybe get even a bit more ramshackle on it. When Secret Lawns came out I interviewed Panther (aka Charlie Salas-Humara) for streetpress (AWESOME) and he said he was really into The Clean and pop songs that sound like their about to fall apart and I was like "that's pretty cool, dogg" except I didnt actually say "dogg" at the end, I was just kind of surprised given the way his music sounds that he would be digging on (not-so) obscure New Zealand poppppp.

[Panther MySpace]

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