Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wearing high top shoes, walking home from school...

For some reason I've been pursuing more 'interesting' sounds lately, trying to move way way on from the Shins school of pop that enthralled me a couple of years ago, away from the INDIE ROCK and the Garden States and Augie March or whatever but still, there's a time and a place. Don't get me wrong, I still like The Shins as much as the next guy, it's just a little hard to swallow sometimes, when yr hearing it in such wrong places as Brisbane's most violent, horrible pub, The Normanby, but in my headphones, it's a-ok, especially when Sub Pop are still releasing some amazing gems of iiiiindie rockkk like The Heliosequence, who use warm keyboard pulsations and big-ish guitars, sensitive guitar plucks, all with super-nice production and a layer of sonic and sentimental niceness that could never be anything but soothing to yr ears. The leading man's vocals are more oakey and smoke addled than on their last and that fits right into their precious indie rock vibe. He gets away with saying shit like "Drank the darkness of the New York night" because it just all feels so right, a slightly hamfisted sentiment works better than ever when you've got such a lush backdrop. It's so Sub Pop; glowing little globules of pop purity, real nice and unbridled. I want to listen to it again and again, especially when it's raining outdoors.

[The Helio Sequence MySpace]

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