Sunday, March 02, 2008


What the heck, bro? I'm not sure how the usual jerks/bogans managed to taint Australia's Best Festival (Laneway) but hey, you did it pals. Sure The Presets were playing and all but Future Music was on the same day and I'm sure that'd make a much better place to get all crazy-eyed and jaw-grinding on it, you could've played that hilarious game where you and yr buddy wait in line at the portaloos and race each other with which girl in front of you does her business first or hold yr friends bald head back ("I'm holding his hair back, HAHA") as he vomits violently into the wheely bin...what a sight! I know that Fortitude Valley doesn't exactly boast the scenes of Sydney's Circular Quay but come ooooooonnnn, spread some good vibes instead of being a douche and trying to steal Dan Deacon's glasses and pulling his ears and shit. Okay, it wasn't really that bad, maybe I just had high standards because of how awesome the Sydney one has been the past two years. I wish the sound was better, though; it was easier to enjoy (and actually make out what song it was) Broken Social Scene from the top of the carpark building across the road from The Zoo (where they played their side show). The beers were cheaper up there, too.

[Photo: Dan Deacon @ Outpost Stage by Justin Courageo]

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B said...

We will never ever get rid of the bogans from our festivals. Qld is a weird place. The girl whose eyes were rolling back in her head while spewing up every 2 mins during Dan Deacon was a sight.

Good seeing you though.

till next time.