Monday, February 04, 2008

Well, I guess this is growing up

On social networking website Facebook, blogging is probably way easier because you can post 'notes' for all yr friends to read and people probably actually read them. I'm not sure if moreso than people do blogspots but the other day my friend posted one called Notes Made While Listening to a CD I Have to Review. It doesn't say which CD it is but it contains observations like 'Brooklyn hipsters' (could be anyone), and 'oddly, his vocals aren’t the most annoying part' (could be anyone), and then 'This whole thing feels like a pair of drunk hipsters sitting down at instruments they can barely play, & playing their favourite riffs from their favourite songs'. Okay, so that could be pretty much anyone too but then mentions of song titles like 'Yea Yeah' gives it away as Brooklyn art school gf/bf hipsters Matt & Kim.

It's strange how most of the things in this 'Note' made total sense to me but I still like their self-titled album a lot. It's the sort of thing that you'd put on and worry slightly about the whinyness of the vocals of the simplicity of the schtick. It's like NOFX or something through synthesizers. Taking the simplest harmonies and bashing them out in the most straightforward way. There's plenty wrong with this and I think the main reason that no-one else is really doing it at the moment is that it's just so simple; playing the most obviously keyboard harmonies that sound so familiar that they should be wrong but yet they're so right. For me, anyway, but of course I like fall for this shit. It's obnoxious and bratty and by all means some sort of guilty pleasure but they just get it so right, even if it's nature is maybe a little bit wrong. Depends how much you wanna theorize on the need for authenticity and the glamorizing of supposed DIY music but whatevz. They're playing in Australia this week:

WolfGang @ Alhambra Lounge (BRISBANE) 7th February
Ithaca Pool @ Paddington (BRISBANE) *All Ages! 8th February
Oxford Art Factory (SYDNEY) 9th February
Oxford Art Factory (SYDNEY) *All Ages! 10th February
Sucky @ Shape (PERTH) 13th February
Buddy Valentines! @ MOJOS (FREMANTLE) 14th February
Fitzroy Bowls Club @ Edinburugh Gardens (MELBOURNE) *All Ages! 15th February
Click-Click @ Geddes Lane (MELBOURNE) 17th February

The other night I went to a friend's place and one particularly skilled DJ put on a Blink 182 Greatist Hits compilation and boy it was good. Then, strangely, at 10:30pm on a Tuesday night two police came around after a noise complaint warning that if the music got turned back up they'll have to come 'lock it down' (it' being several youths sitting around a table). My guess as to the main gripe of the neighbor's phone call to the police being something along the lines of 'rowdy youths having a frat party and listening to bratty punk music' which is fair enough. Anyway, I liked it and after that we put on Green Day's Dookie and it was awesome too. Maybe that's why I like Matt & Kim so much.

[Matt & Kim MySpace]


Mel said...

You knew I would comment on this one!

I have been thinking some more about this, and I think Matt & Kim tap into the "birthday band" phenomenon (didn't the NYT call them that?). I think "birthday band" is a great way to describe them because they are the potential of YOU and your mates (who are not talented musicians) deciding while drunk to play a surprise set at a friend's birthday house party. They are about spontaneity and celebrating the fleeting joy of partying.

Matt & Kim are interesting because they make the fantasy of your mates loving your incompetent crap come true, because apparently people love their incompetent crap when they play live. However, istening to their record is like looking at a photo of yourself pathetically wasted and knowing that you were actually having the time of your life (Green Day reference!).

We actually listened to Dookie at our family Christmas last year because my little bro was clearing out his old CDs from his childhood bedroom and claimed "this is probably the only one I can stand to listen to any more". I think it is like Matt & Kim in terms of encapsulating partyness, but because Green Day can actually write coherent songs and play their instruments, they are not a "birthday band".

Mel said...

Also, I used to think that line in the Blink 182 song "Dammit" went, "like a sissy's growing up". I thought it was about hardening the fuck up.

richard said...

true, i guess the birthday band thing is why i like them, just stupid fun, even if it's pretty knowingly like that. so true about the drunk photo thing...hahha oh well, i'll let you know how their brisbane show is on thursday. i'll be wearing my plimsouls

Anonymous said...


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