Sunday, March 16, 2008

Disoriented Glee

There are way too many music blogs and there are no doubt way too many postin' and bloggin' about this new Animal Collective EP, but let me at least tell you that it's definitely very good, and just what we needed after the more computerized and shiczzzzedd out Strawberry Jam. On Water Curses, they're sticking with the 'liquidy' sounds and further persuing the making of good songs. Textures are smoothed out in what is a logical proggression, a chill pill, if you will, the day after the party. I don't find myself listening to Strawberry Jam much these days but it's easy to get excited about any new release from a group so consciously trying to push forward each time. Here, they're stripping it back to make it new, and to much success; 'Street Flash', another of the EP's four tracks is as subtle as anything we've heard from them so far over a six minute gradual non build up all spaced out and languid. The whole thing is blissed out, it's their Club Med, 'good music to chill out to', even if they're still exploring strange new waters.

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