Sunday, March 30, 2008

Joy Bomb #1

I'm in Christchurch now. There's a supermarket here that may or may not still exist. It's called Big Fresh, and weirdly, this band that is also called Big Fresh sounds a lot like the place; a semi-archaic, poorly lit kind of space with high ceilings with dusty dark corners, slightly outdated 90s decor with half-hearted attempts at improving it. It even has a display of kistchy old fruit with cartoon arms and legs and other displays of farmers and sheds and sheep. Man, you should see the Food Court in mall that it's part of. I would imagine it's seen a lot of improvement and redevelopment in recent times but most of my memories (for some reason I have strong ones) are from going there with my mum when she had to go shopping even though I was sick from school. It was a bit of a treat, but I much prefer the band of the same name, 'W.T.O.' sounds like those fruit with arms and legs who you could make dance by pressing this green button. I went to a second hand junk store in an old dusty building the last time I was here and there were similar fruit (if not the same ones) available for purchase with the addition of a few holes and scratches. Anyway, I don't have a job here yet, though I did just go to the bank. This place is a ghost town, it's terrific, and it means I'll be posting a whole lot more on here and maybe an increase in New Zealand content? Probably not this week, considering the drop of brand new American (and French!) albums that have popped up on the internet just now.

[Big Fresh MySpace]


shea said...

christchurch is not a ghost town its the THRIVING METROPOLIS OF THE SOUTH

andrew said...

woah you're back in christchurch

the big fresh isn't there anymore unfortunately. do you remember the "free bun" bin at the end? as many 3 day old buns as you like... excellent.

it's been replaced by this bi g lime green helvetica-d monster that gives me deja vu because it has the same interior as every other supermarket. big fresh had personality.

richard said...

far out, i saw that yesterday, that big new countdown. also, i just went to halswell new world, that was pretty okay.

i wasn't sure if that 'free bun' bit was real or just a weird memory i had conjured. that would've been good for my student dayzzz but i only ever remember utilizing it as a 6 yr old