Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Definitely my fav celebrity, maybe my fav Australian band

Lindsey Low Hand - Kangaroo at Burra

Lindsey Low Hand - Dull and Ordinary

When you open the case of Poached Egg you’re met with two penises and a fried egg. One can only presume that the egg was fried by Adelaide’s Lindsey Lowhand but the penises are definitely theirs; attached to the bodies of bearded blokes (the band), one with beer in hand, standing next to one very filthy bathtub. The opening track matches this first impression with a terrifically repulsive, grungy sort of rock with no inhibitions, leery and riding that raw ugly vibe propped up with a fun and loose spirit. ‘Dull and Ordinary’, next up, is more down The Clean’s side of the junkyard with slightly brighter guitars played lackadaisically, noodling atop the trebly distortion in just one of many meandering and very catchy riffs that make Poached Egg so good. From there on, it mostly kicks on with rolling and punchy one or two minute songs propelled with that wandering distortion and weak whiny vocals that fit right in to the not-caring-too-much schtick.

Still, these Adelaidians obviously dig music and making it enough for us to care and encourage repeated listens, particularly on the weekend, or at least that’s the way you’d assume they want you to hear it. They smear that ugly rock all over the shop for a good 23 minutes and it’s just right; especially with a beer in hand (VB please). Splitting time between the more screamy kinda rock and a more jangly freewheelin’ punk, Lindsey Low Hand’s debut is a diverse record with a strong, continuous ethos coming through; fun, mostly, and not really giving too much of a shit.

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Anonymous said...

we are from adelaide you dumbarse!!

check ya facts

richard said...

wow, i managed to write in the review that you are both from melbourne and adelaide. shit nigga

Anonymous said...

This is probably really old, but I only just found it and i'm not sure if anonymous is having a joke or an in gag, but they are not totally correct and I'm not sure if by saying we, that they are implying that they play in llh, which I dont believe they do, but I'm pretty comfortable with being described as either melbourne or adelaide, and I dont think any one is a dumb arse or need to check facts. Scott.