Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Laugh for a world filled with fantasy

Panda Bear - Working for Ariel (Live at the Ottobar)

I've been trying to find out information about this song that is/was apparently a fixture of Panda Bear's live sets, though apparently it has since been turned into an Animal Collective song. I can't figure out which song this might be and I feel inadequate considering the other lengths of Paw Tracks completism I've gone to ie. seeking out Panda Bear live sets just to hear new tracks, actually I'm thinking that this probably isn't that rare for a 'music fan', in fact, it's probably 'typical'. It does seem kind of weird though, that they would slot this into the AC side of things considering just how Panda Bear it sounds; a very simple loop, a straightforward beat given that drugged out (or; high on life), floaty kind of vibe, totally carefree, maybe this is what Lisbon sounds like and I can't stop listening to it, but does anyone know what AC song it has been turned into? This is from a live set played at the Ottobar in Baltimore on June 06, 2007.

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