Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bright young things, so lush, white Johnny, I put my coat down

Jeremy Jay - Escape To Aspen

Jeremy Jay - Heavenly Creatures

Jeremy Jay is the whole package, everything about him seems to line up with a singular aesthetic of some kistch sort of dandy, all long coats and foppy hair, dress shoes, doll faced and really friggin tall and amaaazingly skinny. From his alliterated 50s sounding name (his real one?) to the faintly sung oohs-aahs to the half-played jangles and the nonchalant Jonathan Richman speak spoke drawl, it's pure nostalgia, especially his manner of storytelling, and even if it's all made up to sound real old-timey I'm glad because when you can tell a story this well and dress it up so darn classy, it'd be a shame not to. On his new record A Place Where We Can Go he comes off sounding somewhere between Donovan and Buddy Holly, dressed up for the K records new age where people still love good songs with a timeless air
and pianos and misplaced bassnotes. The haircut is after the fact, but it's pretty great too.

[Jeremy Jay Myspace]

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