Friday, April 04, 2008

Blood is clean

Valet - Kehaar

I just had some rather in depth chit chat on Gmail chat with Honey Owens aka Valet - whose new album Naked Acid just came out on Kranky. She's part of that whole crew; she plays in Nudge, Dark Yoda, Jackie O Motherfucker as well as playing bass for Atlas Sound on their most recent tour. Having enjoyed her new record a lot in the past few weeks and in particular depth over the past few days, I felt privaleged to hear some quite raw and personal stuff about the lead up to making it and what the songs meant. I thought maybe it was just that I'd seen No Country For Old Men a couple of nights ago that the space of an American desert surrounds this record; it smacks of open spaces and sparsity and all that. It's Paris Texas at night, or, perhaps, the soundtrack we should've heard on Lost Highway (although her take on the Rammstein-heavy soundtrack made me want to re-evaluate my recoil from the film: "What I liked about Lost Highway and Inland Empire was that there was this feeling of it almost being like a Rorschach test; all the mystery and fear was based on your own mind's projections of it"). Naked Acid has that Lynchian dream-like vibe, steeped in North American mystique and skewed pop culture; it's a record you can hear in different ways, but it certainly comes across to me as a very realised and cohesive 45 minutes, singular voice breathing out a whole tonne of different shit that somehow fits together in some weird way.

Now I just have to cut and edit out all those "LOL"'s and "TOTES"'s from our Gmail chat and turn it into an article (see TMT in a few weeks!)

[Valet Myspace]

[RAD SUMMER - Honey's clothes/recycled bicycle/book/cool stuff store in Portland]

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