Sunday, April 06, 2008

Malted Lingo

Blank Realm - Returned

The new issue of Cyclic Defrost has just 'hit the streets", if you will, in Australia at least. It's all up there on the web though, including my Blank Realm interview, which coincides nicely with the internet leakage of their new tape on totally rad LA noise label Not Not Fun, which is good, because that's probably the only way you'll get yr hands on their recordings (which are pretty much all just put out on limited tape runs), apart from, say, messaging the band themselves via their myspace. Do it! It's called The Returner and it's a pretty dark sounding 60 minutes of noise experiments that give way to krautrock drum buildups, static and sonic junk, that cacaphonic end of the world sort of shit that could have only come out of years of well-directed boredom in Brisbane

[Blank Realm MySpace]

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