Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Semi-inspiration for the unemployed

I'm pretty sure this is song is mega old news now but I was watching TV the other night as part of my not-so-new found life as permanent vacationeur and found this strangely uplifting. Sure, I didn't get up off the couch just then (Seinfeld was on the other channel!) but I did the next morning or something. It was the Record Of The Week C4 (New Zealand's music/cooler stuff channel) and this song, riding that photoshop-if-it-existed-in-the-90s (which it did) or; WOW, we got a greenscreen vibe like Excepter (who are also from Brooklyn) cf. their new video for 'Kill People' with decidedly more of a pop sensibility, inspired me to go right out and download the whole album, especially since I see they're all over Brooklyn Vegan and remixing some other hip band called Chairlift so they must be cutting edge, or at least hot ammunition for an upcoming Alex Trebek inspired DJ/music night I'll be DJing at next week in Christchurch.

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Mel said...

Okay, I have a lot to say about this.

- Photoshop totally did exist in the 90s, you infant! (I think I used Photoshop 4 to prepare my folio for the uni course I ended up doing.)
- That shonky background effect I think of as being more 80s than 90s. Like Neneh Cherry's 'Buffalo Stance' video.
- That video has enough ideas in it for about three videos! Cartoon predators! Rolling about in money! Then burning it! Lord Of The Liberal Arts College Flies! (like something out of The Secret History by Donna Tartt!) Riding giant kittens! Weird religious iconography!
- Don't you think that main dude looks like something out of a Gus Van Sant movie?
- The chicks in the video are obvious hiptards of the highest order.
- None of this could have happened without the Klaxons.

I reviewed this album for work (I will email you my review), and I think it really captures a kind of childish innocence and euphoria.

richard said...

yes! email me the review. i think that blury sort of euphoria is what i liked most

also made an edit re: photoshop actually existing in the 90s. gee whiz, you must be old!

andrew said...
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andrew said...

i saw this last night actually... don't really like the music but the visuals were pretty nice... i liked the dolphins and the end surf-tube the best. i just wish there was no band or music in it and it was just stuff flying around.

shea said...

hey i mainly just watned to comment on the new picture at the top of this site; amazing! did you take it? lomo?

but yeah this video is great! also the other morning i herad this song on THE EDGE (there was drum n bass on rdu again, natch) wtf right?!

richard said...

yeah, the song is pretty sort of....hackneyed...i guess, i had one of those moments where i listened to it over and over to find out if it really was good or not. i'm not sure if it is but i really like it and i still can't stop listening to it. still, the edge? really? that's pretty wacked off!

oh. re: photo, i took it with that badass yellow toy camera i got. best camera evaaa