Monday, April 14, 2008

Yr hairs not clothes

No Age - Eraser 7"

I wanted to post a track or two from this new No Age 7" but then I realised that the whole thing is way too good and I had to zip that shit up and put it up here. It's a bit of a 'teaser' for their forthcoming album Nouns. Their previous, Weirdo Rippers, came out last year on Fat Cat, but Nouns is being released by Sub Pop. It sounds that way in that Sub Pop are certainly more 'for the masses' (actually, the last few albums they've put out I've found really horribly boring; Grand Archives, Throw Me The Statue, Foals - yick!) and standard-sounding vs. Fat Cat's usual terrific envelope pushing output. No Age have sanded down the punk a little bit, or at least added a bit more structure to it, because Weirdo Rippers was all over the freakin' place, strewn together with ambient junk that made those brief trebely punk jams sit up even more than just on their own. It's only actually one track of their own, the three that aren't the title track are covers but they sure sound like No Age; Nate Denver's 'Don't Stand Still' the Urinals' 'Male Masturbation' and the Nerves' 'When You Find Out'. I haven't heard of any of these bands before but naturally that makes me like No Age heaps more. I was kinda surprised about how popular they seemed in certain places, for instance, really digs them, and I always figured the taste of the site's editors and readers to be somewhat more 'British' if you get my drift, but I guess it's easy to dig such a scratchy and fashiony two-piece because it's a pretty accesible sort of experimentation and that no-wavey-dissonance-meets-hidden-melody thing is alllwayyyysss gonna be in vogue. Oh well, sucked in; I can't wait for the album.

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