Thursday, May 29, 2008


Quinn Walker - Porcupine

I'm pretty sure this guy and this song are all over the blogs now but this song came over my morning in the nicest surprising way, a funny little ditty that is as much humour and weirdness as it is total sentiment. I wonder who he hangs with in Brooklyn. The wonky oohs and ooooohs in the background meet the wavery quills of his porcupine imagery and turn into some weird healing sort of ballad, damaged and slightly soured but happy in it's own new found optimism. This song is from an album entitled Laughter's An Asshole and his approach to art and expresion seems awkwardly set in both the emotional and the humourous, a wobbly combination that makes it seem all the more real and honest or whatever; playful and childlike and bright. He's probably been to a fair few Animal Collective shows but it's hard to imagine a singer/songwriter scene in a city that seems (from an internet perspective) to be thriving with Excepters and the High Placeses and Black Dices and what not. Quinn Walker's wobbly folky stuff is similarly skewed, stammering between skyscrapers.

[Quinn Walker MySpace]

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