Monday, June 02, 2008


Deerhunter - Agoraphobia

Deerhunter - Never Stops

Deerhunter - Nothing Ever Happened

On first listen to their new record Microcastles, Deerhunter sound almost like a different band; clearer, lighter, their heads above the pshychdelic cloud of murk of Cryptograms. It's still hazy and blurred but there's a more direct sense of pop or balladry and even though their last album was certainly bright, this new one is happier; there is piano, more audible fingerpicks, less of the Krautrock vibe (through 'Nothing Ever Happened' indulges in that nicely) and the buildups and the driving drums but hyponotising in a different way. They still do the ambient textures (that on Cryptograms were sometimes heavy handed in their binary placement) but rather than insert them between the rock jams they let them seep through.

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RICHARD said...

fuck i'm listening to this now and it's so good

totally gonna have two bradford albums in my end of year list

Anonymous said...

aww you guys are spoiling it. you should at least put it up for listening only and not download.

richard said...

yeah i was kind of alarmed that the album isn't actually released for SIX months...i read somewhere that bradford cox isn't very happy about it. i guess it was leaked from the record label itself; how do these things happen so far in advance?

i feel bad but it's all over the internet now and it's way too good to stop listening to on

andrew said...

i sort of half-heard it once, enough to get an idea what what it's sort of like... but not enough to ruin it when it actually comes out.

but it sounds really good... doesn't seem to be any of the "octet/cryptograms krauty stuff with delay choirs" stuff, which is a little bit of a shame. i must say, i got a real late-pavement vibe off of it though? those tremolo guitars and how the songs are really hooky but also slightly wonky.

but six months away? why the big wait if it's all finished? even if it still needs to be master, cover art etc. etc. surely it's not going to take him that long to half-tone a picture and write in neon letters on it :)

richard said...

downloading music for me negates the concept of a 'release date' as such, especially in new zealand where there isn't a huge amount of distribution, especially for the smaller record label stuff.

it is a long wait; i wonder if they might push the release date forward with this early leak. i know brendan canning's new record is combating an early leak with an early internet release.

nevereless, it is a real treat, a real surprise. i think yr spot on with the pavement thing; clean cut guitars making a weird wonky sort pop. but it's of course much more psychdelic than that. it's a real unique sort of combo, i feel like they've done something pretty special, even if it's more standard in an 'indie rock' sort of way. i can't stop listening to it, microcastles has put a hold on all other music for me right now..