Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Adventure - Poison Diamonds

Adventure - Travel Kid

I've been playing this choice computer game called Loom. It's about music, sort of; to solve puzzels you have to play tunes on this magic stick/wand thing. Anyway, Adventure, a new signing to Carpark Records is about music because he's a band, or an artist, or both. If you grew up playing computer games it's hard not to dig this when the melodies reach so high and the beats hit jsut right. His images and heros and are found thse we got up early on Saturday morning to watch and eat Cocoa Pops to which for Adventure means a sure recipe for coolness/popularity, especially since he's down with the Wham City crowd (he's from Baltimore) and his 8-bit jams make that clear, reaching for the sky and all the peaks of a rave anthem in a glammed out and sexed down adventure into pixelated sound. These tracks aren't overly new (they're lifted from a self-released tour CD from 2007) but his full length debut won't be out for a few months.

[Adventure MySpace]

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