Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Women - Shaking Hands

Women - Cameras

Women - Lawncare

So lotsa of bros been bloggin' about this new album from Canadian band Women but I'd only managed to hear two tracks, those being 'Black Rice' and 'Group Transport Hall'. Now I've got the whole record, and it's much more than I'd expected from what I heard on these two. If part of the purpose of blogs is to post both the best songs to provide an example of the aesthetic and ethos of an album (or, you know, just 'the vibe of it') then Women sidestep it big time with their terrifically stylistically diverse new album. Theirs is not a jarring eclecticism; it flows like a well-planned mixtape. For instance, 'Black Rice' is a welcome relief in it's spot on the record; it stands much better there than on it's own. Elsewhere, there are reverby washes of psychedelia like 'Lawncare' (which lead into the straight out ambient murk of 'Woodbine'), a much more claustrophobic moment than something like 'Shaking Hands', which is just kind of beautiful. The whole self-titled LP is ramshackle in it's own special way, like Chad VanGaalen, in whose studio the album was recorded, but with a particular charm and immediacy. The songs are sat next to rubble; sometimes it spills over.

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Anonymous said...

women, not san fran. they are from canada. very good. love it.

richard said...

edit :)

nascent bomb said...

calgary, alberta, canada, in case you're interested. "heart of the new west"