Monday, July 14, 2008


Astral Social Club - Monster Mittens

Astral Social Club - Flaming Ramoon

I've never had conjunctivitis before but now it appears that I do, as my eyes are often clamped shut with crusty yellow gunk when I wake up during the night and that a lot of the time my eyes are blurry with this snotty shit and it looks like I'm totes stoned or something, an aesthetic which was furthered by not sleeping for like forty hours and inhaling dry aeroplane air through my eyes most of that time. Still, it's weird; even though music is definitely my vibe I always thought that I would rather be deaf than blind because then you can see big trees, the sun, the desert underneath yr plane and the pink morning sandy air, Big Brother UK, the garden with its forking paths and thickets.

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shea said...

big brother uk is so incredible. i think my favourite is that insane thai chick who likes cookies or the black albino guy. oh, england