Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Fag Cop - Illuminati Dollar

Fag Cop - The Hole I Dump My Love

I don't know about you but I don't usually think about policemen being homosexuals, apart from that black fellow in Six Feet Under I figured they were mostly of the alpha male super-straight kind of or way back in the closet type.

Here are two good times that I have been called a fag:

- By a man with no shoes and a skewed grin with only some teeth and dirty clothes in Brisbane, Fortitude Valley: Running for the bus clutching my 2k Josh Petherick tote bag, the gruff man yelled 'FAGGOT!' and I knew my Brisbane experience was complete.

- By a man with a very loud and angry voice in Christchurch, Manchester Street: I was walking quickly home from town in a brown pinstriped Yves Saint Lauren three-piece suit carrying a bag full of records and a laptop bag and a man in a red van screamed 'FAG!' at me as he drove past. 'Sheesh!', I thought to myself.

But okay, that was a long time ago now and right now I'm much more concerned over whether or not I should buy the Lacoste jacket I saw today at a vintage clothes store here in Newcastle today; it's mint green with this amazing tartan lining and it fits perfectly but the only thing is it's 25 quid, which isn't cheap, especially when you convert it back to New Zealand dollars.

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Em said...

You have to suffer for your art. And as fashion is art, you shoudl live on Tesco Pasta and just buy the damn thing!

richard said...

wow thanks for that. i need a bit of a push. i saw a tesco pasta yesterday but thought it looked gross but then i saw the jacket and i was like DAMMNNN i would be like 10x cooler if i had that

YILLIAZ said...

richard tesco pasta is soo baddd. i once ate an entire box of tesco pasta and then i felt depressed. anyway. i'm reading your blog. LOVE TRUE, BYE XX p.s since when did you own a three piece ysl suit?! photos?