Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Pink Noise - Pure Candy

The Pink Noise - Blinded By Arcade Lights

The Pink Noise - Oh Caroline

Laser beams shoot out of the garbage can and Bryan Ferry haunts the curbside, busking with washed up synth stabs and crooning into the night. Videogame Formula 1 lurches meet fried disco shuffles and Madonna's there too cruising in a red convertible, sunglasses, California. Colour shoots through these no-waves here and there, splashing on the side walk; reds and purples, mostly, and gold too in the shape of blinged-out grunge, swelling up out of speakers and crystallizing next to french fries mashed into the ground, scorched earth.

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1 comment:

So So Sarah said...

Oh man, I reeeally like this band! Caroline No reminds me of all these scuzzy freedom punk bands in Auxland... Way to go! :)