Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Adventure - Civilization

Adventure - Wild Wild Ride

There are a crapload of people making 8bit indie dance jams these days and lots of it never gets too far past the novelty vibe. Adventure, however, is from Baltimore and the Wham City scene where they know how to convert those wacky electronics and tricked out computers into something with particular depth. Building upbeat and often mysterious (in a Chrono Trigger/Super Turrican way) sounding songs out of kitsch SNES blips and other pixilated textures, Adventure retains a cheesy dance-music transcendence along with IDM sort of interesting textures and a getting up on Saturday morning for cartoons sort of excitement. These are two new tracks from his new album that dropped through a hole in my door yesterday (they don't have mailboxes here! Woah).

PS: I did a short interview with Adventure that will be posted here in a couple of days!

[Adventure MySpace]

[Buy Adventure from Carpark Records]

[Adventure previously on Rose Quartz]

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clarkbar said...

do you know where i could pick this album up in the baltimore area??