Monday, August 11, 2008


Yes, so that's these musicians playing on the same night, in my ex-industrial-now-party vibes-city: KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT, AXOLOTL, ES, FURSAXA, ISLAJA, BLEVIN BLECTUM, SAMARA LUBELSKI, DREAM TRIANGLE. Yes, yikes indeed , but it won't just any old lo-fi foresty folk jam:

"Each performance will be a unique and brand new collaboration, each of the Finnish acts inviting a US counterpart to collaborate on a performance, highlighting the parallels in strands of the recent evolving trend of ‘weird/avant folk/noise’ between the US under the layer communities and Finland’s northern circles.

The performances will be made of material composed in the months leading up to the tour and worked in 2 days rehearsal. The concerts will take the form of two acts with the 4 groupings rotating during each act.

and [NO.SIGNAL] - in conjunction with the artists themselves - designed this approach as a way of taking the aforementioned trans-Atlantic influence exchange, trapping it in a vacuum and making it feedback on itself in order create a whole family of brand new musical beasts."

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