Tuesday, August 12, 2008


U.S. Girls - Don't Understand That Man

U.S. Girls - R.I.P. KSN

I guess living the American Dream these days is all about debasing it but I've never lived in America so it's hard to say, it just always seemed like the typical notions of living those American dreams like diners and nice suits and wives and what not are just expositions for later tragedies like yr wife cheating on you or never having any luck even if other people seem to have all the luck. Even if the whole freedom of speech thing might be warped in several ways now one of the things left to do in yr role as responsible citizen might be to use that voice and crouch to the blackened stage floor and scream yr forgotten eulogies as lightning-shot celebrations, not just because you can but because they'll shoot light out everywhere through all that murk and affirm life and things like that.

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