Friday, August 22, 2008


U.S. Girls - I Bradley

U.S. Girls - Kelly In The Other Room, Me In My Room

Here's a new jam(s) from the new U.S. Girls CD-R. I did a phone interview a few days back with Megan Remy, the Chicago/Portland-based musician behind this great scuffed up sort of diva stuff for an upcoming featuring on Tiny Mix Her previously blogged about debut Siltbreeze album features a lot of all-American types of ideas from Bruce Springsteen covers (she's a massive fan) to tracks called 'National Anthem' and just the name itself, U.S. Girls, with it's connotations of cheerleaders and winning and patriotism. It got me thinking about some idea of the American dream gone way wrong, or what maybe this idea means today in a place that from outsider perspectives seems stagnant or bewildered on nearing the end of a long long Bush presidency. She mentioned the idea of American Idol gone wrong and it makes so much sense with her lone voice and hollowed, blown out balladry. Heardcore shit.

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More like the American Dream gone right. Or American Idol gone even way-er right-er.