Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tussle - Titan

Tussle have always been the sleaziest bros on the dancefloor, not im a mustachey kind of way but more in just a getting yr groove on and not worry about those watching sort of way, like 'domn domn/domn domn domn domn domn/(chika-chika)' if you catch my drift. It was pure libido, but here on their new record, well, it's called Cream Cuts for a reason; it's still smooth stuff for sure, but with more drawn out synths backing the decidedly less sleazeball bass riffs and a more distant sound, it's more cosmic and spaced out and that smoothness is somehow shrouded in a certain haziness, feeling like a more scuffed up sort of lunar jam, something especially heard on a track like 'Titan'. I'm shufflin' my feets, but I still kind of don't believe that Andy Cabic (aka Vetiver) is their bassist. WTFFFF

[Tussle Website]

[Buy Cream Cuts from Smalltown Supersound]

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