Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Black Orphan - XX Spectrum

Black Orphan - Circuits

When the nights are getting dark and you wanna rock like its Halloween or post-Prom night it's best to wear leather jackets and greased hair as the autumn leaves fly behind the dust of the bikes of the hamfisted thugzz who talk tough and whose eyes contain something that deep inside looks like centre lines running along the road at the pace of something slightly less than a 3/4 time sig. Total plastic asteroid croon, they've got badd intentions and there's too many hot spots in this stupid town.

[Black Orphan MySpace]

[Buy Circuits 7" from UFO Dictator]


shea said...

fuck im so into this eh!!

richard said...

sooooooooo badass

shea said...

i've been rewatching freaks and geeks online and yr post/the music is like when the freaks ditch school, smoke cigarettes under the bleachers, then drive around on halloween smashing jack-o-lanterns and letterboxes. best series