Monday, September 01, 2008


Inca Ore - Sunset Pigments

Inca Ore - Wedding Day

Until now I didn't see a sunset here for two months. I've since seen two sunrises though one was hidden behind a big black cloud and another was fractured into glowing slices of orange and pink by drunken eyes that broke up the colours into shards of positive vibage. It was an amazing fked up revelation as I shuffled/walked home in the dewey morning air, total wide-eyed appreciation for that swirling hypercoloured soupy sky, the earth, creation, lolz, etc.. Inca Ore's introspection is murky enough to shroud it's brightness in total keepin it realism, foggy breathes of narcotic emotion, encouraging a vague transcendence sans cliche, heavy on the scuffed up celebration.

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