Monday, September 01, 2008


Ariel Pink - Crying

Ariel Pink - He's Good (Unfinished)

The thought of a Ariel Pink B-sides or outtakes collection seems totally ridiculous to me because his songs have always come off like he's rambling through them on the first take, his little broken 8-track connected straight up to yr speakers. Its unfinishedness has always been it's total charm, hamfisted karaoke more focused on falling apart than getting together, providing insight into his weird world about which you can only imagine; you can only guess how real his deracinated Hollywood dirty glitz mystique is. On 'He's Good (Unfinished)' he holds his old boombox up to the mic playing his fav Weezer tape that's now warped and when it crumbles away at the end, for those 3 seconds, it's as close to perfect Ariel Pink as you can get.

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andrew said...

maybe my favourite ariel pink album actually... that or house arrest.